Vodovod was founded by the People’s Committee of Pula, by the Ruling No. 4585 dated 7th March 1948.

            VODOVOD PULA d.o.o. for water collection, purification and supply is a limited liability company. The founders, the City of Pula, the Communes of Barban, Ližnjan, Medulin, Svetvinčenat and Vodnjan, have harmonised Vodovod Pula with the provisions of the Company Law. The capital of the Company has been accordingly divided into seven initial shares, taken over by the members, as follows: 72% the City of Pula, 2% the Commune of Barban, 4% the Commune of Ližnjan, 4% the Commune of Marčana, 7% the Commune of Medulin, 1% the Commune of Svetvinčenat and 10% the Commune of Vodnjan.

            VODOVOD d.o.o. is registered at the Commercial Court of Rijeka, Decree No. Tt-95/366-5 dated   15th November 1995 with the name VODOVOD PULA d.o.o. za sakupljanje, pročišćavanje i distribuciju vode (VODOVOD PULA Ltd. for the collection, purification and distribution of water). The main office is in Pula, Radićeva 9.

The activities of the Company are the following:

        -     collection, purification and distribution of water

        -           civil engineering works

        -           architectural and engineering activities and technical consultancy

        -           technical testing and analysis

      The activity is performed in the whole area of the city of Pula, and communes of Medulin, Ližnjan, Marčana, Svetvinčenat, Vodnjan Barban and Fažana.

           The Company has 32 service reservoirs of the total volume of 32,313 m3, 70 pumps, 12 pump stations. 11 pressure reduction tanks, 17 water-treatment units, 35,032 water connections, 1,281 fire hydrants, the length of the pipelines is 758 km out of which 297 km are main pipelines and 460 km make up the distribution network. The pump-head at Rakonek spring is 310 m, Gradole 200 m, and at Pula water wells from 80 to 100 m, at Butoniga (temporarily) 400 m, and approximately one third is pumped at high pressure zone at water tower Vidikovac..

        In conformity with the principles of business efficiency and economy and in order to complete the work process and the performance of activities and work tasks, the Company is organised in 3 sectors (Technical, Administrative and Financial) and 4 independent services (Commercial, EDP, Management and Control System, Team).

            On 31st December 2009 there were 194 employees.

            The Company bodies are: the Assembly, the Management Board and the Management.

            The profit of the Company derives from the sale of water at a tariff determined by cubic meter. The price is under public control, i.e. the price is assessed by the competent local self-government bodies.

            Thanks to the efforts of the employees and of the management, on the base of the programme “Water to every village and in every home” the Company has connected to the water supply system 99% of the former Commune of Pula, that being a rarity in the Republic of Croatia and in broader relations.

            For extraordinary results and success the Company was awarded the Prix of the City of Pula in 1987.

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