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Vodovod was founded by the Pula People's Committee based on Decision No. 4585 of 7 March 1948.

VODOVOD PULA d.o.o. is a limited liability company for public water supply. The founders, the City of Pula and Town of Vodnjan, Municipalities of Barban, Ližnjan, Marčana, Medulin and Svetvinčenat harmonised Vodovod Pula with the provisions of the Companies Act. The share capital of the Company is divided into eight initial shares of the members of the Company, namely, 72% City of Pula, 2% Municipality of Barban, 4% Municipality of Ližnjan, 4% Municipality of Marčana, 7% Municipality of Medulin, 1% Municipality of Svetvinčenat, 9% Town of Vodnjan and 1% Municipality of Fažana.

VODOVOD PULA d.o.o. was registered with the Commercial Court in Rijeka based on Decision no. Tt-14/13-4 dated 21 January 2014 under the company name VODOVOD PULA d.o.o. za javnu vodoopskrbu (VODOVOD PULA d.o.o. limited liability company for public water supply), seated in Pula, Radićeva 9.


The business activity of the company includes:

• public water supply,
• testing the safety of drinking water for own consumption,
• connection construction,
• water meter calibration,
• electricity production for own consumption.
The activity is performed in the entire area of the City of Pula and Town of Vodnjan, Municipalities of Medulin, Ližnjan, Marčana, Svetvinčenat, Barban and Fažana.

The company has 32 tanks with a total volume of 32,313 m3 of water, 70 pump generators, 12 pre-pumping stations, 11 break chambers, 17 devices-plants for preparation of drinking water, 35,032 water connections, 758 street hydrants, the length of the water supply network is 758 km, of which 297 km of main supply and 460 km of distribution network. After treatment, the water is elevated to a height of 310 m in the Rakonek plant, to a height of 191 m in the Gradola plant, and to a height of 337 m in the Butoniga plant, while the Pula wells pressurize the water directly into the water supply system.

General information

In line with the principles of efficiency and the economy of operations and a complete work process, the performance of work and tasks is organized in 3 departments (Technical, General Affairs, Economic) and 2 independent divisions (IT, Quality System Management, Environmental Protection and Controlling).

The company employs 170 people.

The corporate bodies are the Assembly, the Supervisory Board and the Management Board.

Thanks to the joint efforts of the employees and the management, through the "Water in Every Village and Every Household" program 99% of the former municipality of Pula has been supplied with water, which is rare in the Republic of Croatia as well as abroad.

In 1987, the company won the City of Pula Award for outstanding results and achievements.

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