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Water Quality

The Laboratory and Technology Division is an organizational unit within the Technical Department of Vodovod Pula d.o.o. responsible for testing the safety of water for human consumption in their own internal laboratory.

Water quality control and testing of the safety of water for human consumption is performed by the internal laboratory in accordance with the Water for Human Consumption Act, OG 56/13, and the Ordinance on Compliance Parameters and Methods of Analysis of Water for Human Consumption, OG 125/13, and the Ordinance on Amendments to the Ordinance on Compliance Parameters and Methods of Analysis of Water for Human Consumption, OG 141/13.

The introduction of the HACCP system in 2008 enabled constant monitoring and taking preventive actions over critical points in the technological process of water treatment and supply. Identifying and determining hazard factors (microbiological, chemical and physical) that can affect water quality reduces the risk to consumer health to a minimum. In case the water is not safe for human consumption, the system of self-monitoring and the Water for Human Consumption Act, OG 56/13, prescribes measures to protect the health of consumers and procedures for eliminating the consequences.
The frequency of sampling for internal testing and the testing points are determined by the annual sampling plan and weekly plans, all in compliance with the HACCP principles of self-monitoring.

Water quality is tested in raw water from springs and wells, in semi-treated water in certain treatment phases and in treated water after all treatment and disinfection phases. The safety of water for human consumption is monitored in spring water, wells after disinfection, in main pipelines and drinking water tanks as well as in the distribution network up to the point of consumption - consumers' water meters.
In addition to internal testing, water quality and health safety of delivered water is also tested by official laboratories of the Croatian Institute of Public Health and the Institute of Public Health of the Istrian County with prescribed source monitoring, regular and audit monitoring of water for human consumption.

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  • Reports on water quality

    In accordance with the provisions of the Water for Human Consumption Act, Vodovod Pula d.o.o. as a public supplier of water services publishes monitoring data for water for human consumption (monitoring of group B parameters):


    We publish the results of the analyses of the competent Public Health Institute of the Istrian County based on the group A or B parameters in order to inform the public about the safety of water for human consumption and in accordance with the Ordinance on Compliance Parameters, Methods of Analysis, Monitoring and Safety Plans for Water for Human Consumption, Method of Keeping the Register of Legal Entities performing the activity of public water supply, OG 125/17, Article 5 and paragraph 5.

  • Monthly reports on water quality
  • Annual reports on water quality
  • Quality Control

    Vodovod d.o.o. Pula, as a company owned by local self-government units, has recognized the importance of introducing a quality management system, ensuring the safety of drinking water, as well as implementing an environmental protection system. By constantly improving the process, we achieve lasting customer satisfaction, a positive image in the community, and develop our business so that more motivated and productive employees strive for continuous improvement. Please note that the introduction of the quality and environmental protection systems is not a legal obligation, but our own long-term commitment to continually improve our processes and services.

    We started the project of introducing the quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard and the HACCP system in February 2008. At that time, the HACCP team had already completed half of the project, followed by the final implementation of the system six months later, when we were awarded the HACCP certification according to the Codex Alimentarius.

    The establishment of the HACCP system enables us to have a "simpler" system for ensuring the safety of drinking water and its distribution to the end consumer. Internal water quality control is based on the principles of the HACCP system, which by preventive action, according to the principles of hazard analysis and control of critical points, ensures that the processes of production and distribution of safe water take place in controlled conditions. The application of the HACCP system requires a greater degree of awareness and responsibility of each individual in the process. Also, in order to meet the high criteria of the system of control of the entire production process and water distribution, certain prerequisite programs must be conducted, which is supervised by checking the implementation of defined plans and records accompanying them.

    Since 2008, the Company has implemented a quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2008. We were awarded the first certificate in January 2009. By introducing the quality system, we have improved our business and increased the satisfaction of our customers. We have also instilled new habits in our employees in terms of being open to changes in everyday activities and work tasks, as well as established a mechanism for continuous elimination of problems and shortcomings in the Company. The fundamental document of our quality management system is the integrated Management Manual, approved by the Management Board. Our employees are obliged to adhere to the Manual and all other documents, as by doing so they contribute to a more efficient use of available resources and improve customer satisfaction.

    At the beginning of May 2009, we started introducing the environmental protection system according to ISO 14001:2004, and by the end of that year we were certified accordingly. The purpose of the environmental protection system is to identify negative impacts on the environment, assess and rank them, as well as develop and implement programs to improve our relationship with the environment. The system also includes the monitoring and application of the laws and regulations of the Republic of Croatia, local self-government units, as well as the Company’s bylaws. We also identify possible emergencies, and based on that develop procedures for preventive measures and response in case of emergency. The purpose of the system is active involvement of all employees, each in their own work environment. Every year, the Management Board sets goals for improving environmental protection, which points to the Company's social responsibility.

    Since Vodovod is a public company, it’s obliged to take care of the interests of the community, in terms of the quality and availability of water as well as protecting the environment, because only in a clean and healthy environment can we produce quality drinking water.

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